United Orpington Club

Dedicated to all Orpingtons, Large Fowl and Bantam, and to the breeders of this fine fowl.

Why Join?

The United Orpington Club represents the Orpington breed throughout North America. We support a positive atmosphere of learning. Here is a brief history from former secretary and President Warren Tye:

I have been asked by the present officers of The United Orpington Club to write a short history of the club. I have been unable to find any written information on this subject.  This is written by my own memory and talking to some of the long time members. Dr Lewis Clevenger was the first Secretary anyone can remember. He was famous for his large Clevenger Buffs. One source said that Rolla Henry followed Dr Clevenger as secretary. When I took over as secretary in 1991 I received a note from Howard Kendell thanking me and stating that he had helped Ralph Brazelton revive the club from inactivity at an earlier date. Ralph was secretary when I joined in the 1980's. During Ralph's last times as secretary, Howard Kendell did the News Letter "ALL-Orp" for him. Ken Whaller took over from Ralph and he did ok for a while, but he became ill and could no longer perform.  Chris Haese was President at the time and after some time of inactivity she contacted Ken and he sent her the records he had. Chris sent a questionnaire to the members on Ken's list telling them to be patient that we were  reorganizing. In the mean time I had written to Chris asking what had happened to the club and sent $20.00 to buy stamps to send the questionnaires and help get going. She asked me if I would be the interim secretary until she could get a permanent one. I don't think she tried very hard and I was secretary for twelve years. I was retired and enjoyed the association with folks all over the country. Since then we have had two secretaries that kept a lot better records than I did but due to unforseen problems had trouble getting the ALL-Orp out. Present day the club has grown strong and active with many members. It takes many breeders to keep the Orpington gene pool viable and to improve the breed to conform to the American Standard of Perfection.* 

The United Orpington Club offers with yearly membership a annual breeders/membership Handbook, four newsletters packed with information on breeding, show winners, diseases, pens, etc. networking with the best breeders of Orpington large fowl and bantam. Anyone can join the club regardless of what type of Orpington they breed (American, English or Production) it is all about the Orpington breed and learning about the breed.  I hope you will consider the United Orpington Club and become a member today!

Any Orpington exhibited in the United States will be judge according to the American Standard of Perfection, buy your copy here APA Standard of Perfection